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Resonate Youth Philharmonic Open Day

On Saturday, December 9th, in partnership with the Liverpool Philharmonic. Resonate Youth Philharmonic orchestrated a successful open day, drawing more than 50 children and young people from across the city region. The event, held at Notre Dame Catholic College, provided a unique opportunity for aspiring musicians to engage in a day filled with workshops, rehearsals, and a dynamic beatboxing session.

The day kicked off with workshops led by professional musicians from the renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Participants were treated to invaluable insights and guidance, gaining first-hand experience from accomplished artists in the field. These workshops aimed not only to refine the technical skills of the young musicians but also to inspire a passion for orchestral music.

Following the workshops, the atmosphere crescendoed into full orchestral rehearsals where the talented youth had the chance to showcase their newfound skills in a collaborative setting. The resonance of strings, wind instruments, and percussion filled the air as the young musicians harmonised their efforts under the guidance of experienced conductors.

One of the highlights of the day was a team-building beatboxing workshop, led by none other than the acclaimed writer, rapper, and Guinness World Record-breaking beatboxer Testament. This unique session added a contemporary twist to the traditional orchestral experience, showcasing the diverse musical talents of the participants.

The Resonate Youth Philharmonic aims to provide a platform for young musicians who are Grade 2 and above on an orchestral instrument. The open day not only served as a musical extravaganza but also as an invitation for those interested in becoming a part of this vibrant and dynamic orchestra. Prospective members can register now by visiting Resonate Youth Philharmonic's registration page

The success of this open day underscores the commitment of Resonate and the Liverpool Philharmonic to nurturing and developing the musical talents of the younger generation. Aspiring musicians are encouraged to seize the opportunity to be part of this enriching experience, where the joy of music-making resonates beyond the notes played, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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