Sing it. Play it. Learn it.

Immerse your pupils in a world of sound, music and multi-sensory experiences with our trained musicians who will bring extra life to your music curriculum.

Our musicians/tutors will offer hands-on practical music lessons working with individual pupils, small groups or classes (with support). Explore the building blocks of music such as communicating through sound, using music to express feelings and mood, and creating songs and musical soundscapes.

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A-Level Music

Registering for September 2022

To enable your school to offer music at A Level, Resonate is working in partnership with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to deliver an exciting A Level music course. All sessions are delivered after school meaning your students can remain on your roll.

Cost:                            £300 per student per year

Delivered by:             Resonate, and Notre Dame Catholic College, L5 5AF

Lessons take place: Tues & Wed 3:30-5:30pm at Resonate

Partners:                    Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

Syllabus:                    AQA A Level Music

Inspiring Liverpool’s young musicians

Delivered by experienced A Level music teachers who will work with your Y12/13 students to realise their potential as musicians. The course is designed to extend the GCSE music skills of performing, composing and listening.

Our partners, the Liverpool Philharmonic will bring compositions alive through master classes, ‘in conversation with’ sessions, free tickets to RLP concerts and workshops all designed to develop student understanding and musical skills.

Developing Talent

Resonate will create an environment where all students can develop their strengths in music and refine their performance skills by taking part in one of our many Resonate Music Studios ensembles.

We will support students in preparing for final recitals, applying for University places and accessing a full menu of musical opportunities.

We are interested!

To find out more or register on our September 2022 course you can look at the Frequently Asked Questions here, or contact us on 0151 330 5130 or [email protected]

To register a student for this course, please contact [email protected]


DMS - Developing Music in Schools

A programme for primary, secondary and special school music coordinators and support teachers, designed to facilitate the development of music within schools and to strengthen the delivery of music from EYFS to Key Stage 3.

The programme will provide the opportunity to focus on:

  • A shared understanding of the latest national developments and best practice exemplified in the Ofsted report "The power of music to change lives: A National Plan for Music Education";

  • A shared understanding of core purpose and generic skills of music subject leaders;

  • Effective strategies to strengthen the delivery of music in primary schools;

  • Opportunities to consider how a school might organise opportunities to play musical instruments, sing, listen and appraise, compose, read and perform music in order to provide high quality music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum;

  • Effective strategies to secure planning for progression and assessment in music;

  • An exploration and support in the delivery of Music based on the Model Music Curriculum;

  • Led and delivered by a National College for School Leadership accredited facilitator and award-winning classroom practitioners.


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schools band image

Whole Class Instrumental Programme

Weekly lessons - Loan of instruments for all pupils and teachers involved. Suitable for Years 4, 5 & 6.

Making music together is one of the most exciting activities in which children can be involved. Resonate believe that the best (and most cost effective) approach for young people to begin to learn an instrument is in the safe and secure environment of their usual class group. This is why we invest so heavily in our Wider Opportunities programme.

Children learn in a whole class setting about general musicianship through the medium of your preferred choice of instrument.

We offer provision for:

  • Clarineo/Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Strings
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Brass
  • Recorder

We would be happy to visit you to discuss how this provision can fit into your curriculum. Please contact us and we will take you through the best approach for your individual needs.

Playing an instrument, supported by a dedicated and experienced tutor who will nurture pupils’ creative talent, is something we are really proud to deliver in Liverpool schools.

Please note that the choice of instrument will be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis. In the event your first choice of instrument is not available an alternative will be suggested.


Curriculum Music

Resonate can provide qualified teachers of music who will embed music in your school and support you in delivering the new curriculum, Early Years through to Year 6.

This provision is designed to excite pupils and give them the opportunities to develop their musical skills.

Through the following activities:

  • Singing
  • Playing instruments movement and music, composition and improvisation,
  • Lessons will be designed to meet the needs of your pupils as well as addressing the requirements of the new National Curriculum.
  • Working in partnership with schools, we can provide ongoing curriculum support and enrichment delivered by our team of experienced, qualified classroom teachers. Wider Opportunities can also be incorporated into this provision.

Want to get involved?
Curriculum Music is suitable for PPA cover; or you may wish to use this as CPD to develop the skills of your own staff.

We would be happy to visit you to discuss how this provision might fit into your curriculum. Please contact us and we will take you through the best approach for your individual needs.


Instrumental and Vocal Provision

Resonate offers schools a hassle-free solution to providing instrumental tuition delivered by trained tutors who are closely monitored using Ofsted criteria.

Which instruments do we offer?

  • Electric/Bass/Acoustic Guitar, Drum Kit
  • Woodwind and Recorder
  • Voice, Choir
  • Brass
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Strings
  • Ukulele

Pupil progress is monitored through the use of pupil ‘Passports’ and reports, providing regular communication with parents. Pupils may also wish to be entered for a music exam such as Music Medals and ABRSM grade exams.

Playing an instrument, supported by a dedicated and experienced tutor who will nurture pupils’ creative talent, is something we are really proud to deliver in Liverpool schools.

My School Band

Playing together in a band is something that young people really enjoy and brings their musical learning alive. My School Band uses our specialist tutors to create the fantastic and enjoyable experience of children playing together. Whether preparing pupils for the next big concert or simply enjoying playing together, pupils will love the experience of making music in a band.

These weekly sessions are available at the same hourly cost as the instrumental/vocal tuition.