The Beatles

Welcome to the Future of Beatles Music Education in Liverpool

Inspiring the Next Generation of Liverpool Musicians

Resonate recognises the tremendous impact that The Beatles and their music have had on the history and culture of Liverpool. As such, in partnership with The Beatles Story and the Cavern Club, we have created the role of ‘Beatles Music Education Officer’. This role seeks to use the music and the story of The Beatles to inspire and equip a new generation of Liverpool musicians.

Our Vision

At the heart of our mission is a vision to cultivate creativity, foster a love for music, and instil a sense of pride in Liverpool’s rich musical heritage. We believe that by connecting young minds with the timeless music and inspirational story of The Beatles, we can shape the future of our vibrant music community.

What We Do

We are developing an exciting range of Beatles-related projects, ranging from classroom-based schemes of work, opportunities to perform at Beatles-related venues across the city, and creating a network of young songwriters inspired by the Lennon-McCartney partnership. We are also examining how we can better integrate the music of the Beatles into the excellent work already delivered across Liverpool schools through our Resonate Sounds programme, and our network of Resonate Music Studios ensembles.

Contact Us

For more details or information please contact us on [email protected]