Our work in special schools


Help us raise £20,000 towards supporting access to music lessons for our young Furthering Talent Musicians.

Our focus is to make music accessible and inclusive for all young people across Liverpool, especially those young people who experience significant barriers to learning an instrument. We know that young people with special educational needs and disabilities can gain immense joy and meaning from participating in music-making activities. So, the partnerships and projects we invest in offer all young people enhanced and exciting opportunities for creative music-making in and out of school.

In spring 2023 Resonate was announced as one of 10 national Ambassador Hubs in the Awards for Young Musicians Furthering Talent programme. The focus of our Furthering Talent programme is to identify and support young people with special educational needs and disabilities who display great talent and potential in music-making; we are thrilled to announce that continuation funding for this activity has recently been awarded for another three years of delivery. 

Help us by donating to supporting 30 young musicians access weekly music lessons as part of our Furthering Talent programme. Click here to help us raise £20,000 towards supporting access to music lessons for our young Furthering Talent Musicians.


Live Music Now! provides interactive performances and educational workshops in special schools and has a thriving partnership with Resonate. For the last two years we have funded LMN to deliver online concerts streamed into special schools across the city region. We are also working with LMN to support a two year musician in residence programme helping schools to develop their music education provision for young people with autism.  As schools in Liverpool are evaluating their education offer for young people with autism, this programme will add insight into our long-term methodology and support the case for schools to embed music at the heart of their curriculum.


The Royal Opera House has for many years maintained a successful educational programme called Create and Sing. This programme reaches out to schools to promote opera and deliver creative workshops to young people. Their work has expanded to include special schools in this programme; through Resonate they initiated a pilot project in two Liverpool special schools, so that ROH practitioners could develop techniques of delivery that would be guided by the needs and preferences of the pupils. The success of the pilot has led to the development of a flexible and creative curriculum-based delivery model, which will be rolled out to other Liverpool special schools and then UK-wide.

We are proud of our partnership with DaDa, where, for the last 5 years, we have worked in close collaboration to develop the Young DaDa Ensemble, a programme for disabled musicians aged between 12 and 25. DadaFest’s vision is to inspire, develop and celebrate talent and excellence in disability, Deaf and neurodiverse arts.

Resonate SEND School Music Network is managed by Mark Jones, a Resonate music tutor and project manager who specialises in working with young people with SEND. Mark works with our special schools to provide CPD training and support, support with developing and maintaining an engaging music curriculum, and regular group network meetings with school music staff to share experiences, resources, best practice and ideas. Contact Mark on [email protected] for any further information about any of the above options.