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Liverpool’s young people love making music − they love to sing, to compose, to perform and, like the vibrant city to which they belong, they have music running through their veins.

As Head of Service I am thrilled to see Resonate cultivate the musical life of Liverpool’s schools and communities. I believe that through the work of Resonate, provision for music education is strategically planned and effectively delivered, based on well-established city-wide partnerships with a group of excellent partner organisations. We continue to adapt our offer and work flexibly with schools and organisations to ensure that the challenges the young people in Liverpool face are at the heart of all our decision making.

Resonate is led by Notre Dame Catholic College, a successful secondary school in the heart of the city. Notre Dame is uniquely placed in leading Liverpool’s music education hub and we are thankful to our foundation partners - Liverpool’s Family of Schools, Liverpool City Council, School Improvement Liverpool, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Live Music Now for their relentless efforts in supporting and shaping our vision.

Music makes a powerful contribution to the life of our young people and I firmly believe that investment in musical opportunities across the city will reap long-term benefits that go beyond musical achievement and impacts on the life and employability skills of Liverpool’s young people.

Mr Jonathan Dickson Head of Service

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The NPME articulates a refreshed vision for music education which is:

All children and young people should be able to learn to sing, play an instrument and create music together, and have the opportunity to progress their musical interests and talent, including into a professional creative career.

Every Hub is expected to deliver against three aims in a Local Plan for Music Education:

  • To support schools and other education settings to deliver high quality music education
  • To support young people to further develop their musical interests and talent, including into employment
  • To support all children and young people to engage with a range of musical opportunities in and out of school

Infographic source: The power of music to change lives: A National Plan for Music Education,

HLOs will have responsibility for five strategic functions, which describe how the HLO operates and delivers its Local Plan for Music Education:

1. Partnership:

Take a leading role in building a sustainable, local infrastructure for high-quality music education and music-making, in partnership with schools, early years and other education providers, community music organisations and other regional and national youth music organisations and industry. Capture this offer in a Local Plan for Music Education.

2. Schools:

Support all state-funded schools in their area through ongoing relationships to help them deliver high-quality music education, including a quality curriculum support offer, specialist tuition, instruments and ensembles; and a broad range of progression routes and musical experiences for all pupils.

3. Progression and musical development:

Support children and young people to develop and progress with music, including into national or specialist opportunities, higher education and employment, so that the chance to be involved in high-quality music-making is shared more widely in our society. Support children and young people to access the wider world of music, including live performance and community music.

4. Inclusion:

Drive broad access to music education, so every child has the opportunity to participate irrespective of their circumstances, background, where they live or SEND.

5. Sustainability:

Ensure the strategic, financial and operational sustainability of the Music Hub by:

  1. supporting a dynamic well-trained workforce,
  2. leveraging DfE funding to develop wider investment into people’s music from a range of sources and revenue streams;
  3. being accountable and transparent by publishing a plans, needs analysis and impact data; and
  4. considering and acting on the Hub’s environmental responsibilities

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